Lucille Chamberlin

Lucile studied art at Weber State College under Farrell Collette and Richard Van Wagoner. She has attended workshops with Millard Sheets, Fredrick Wong, Katherine Chang Liu and Nita Engle.

Artist and teacher, Lucile works out of her home. She has enjoyed art most of her life, working in oils and the past 15 years mainly watercolors. She is married to James O. Chamberlin (architect in Ogden Utah) and they have raised five daughters and have 22 grandchildren.

Lucile is a two-star member of the Utah Watercolor Society. Her painting “Red Scissors” won Jurors Choice of Merit in the Utah Watercolor 13th Annual Juried Exhibit. “Red Apples” won an Award of Excellence in the Utah Watercolor Society member show.

She is a member and past president of the Palette Club of Ogden. Besides exhibiting with the Palette Club, she has had the opportunity to exhibit in the following Utah galleries: Gallery Etc. in Salt lake City, Eccles Community Art Center, Allied Varied Arts Gallery in Logan, Historical Episcopal Church Gallery Walk, Woman Artists of Utah, and is currently a member of Gallery 25 in Ogden.

Susan Cramer Stein

As a photographer, I've lived through the evolution from film to digital photography. As I adapt and experiment, I avoid any compromise in quality, spending time to find new perspectives and points of view, new approaches to composition and framing.

My goal is to transmit the truth of nature and my subjects, freezing in time its ever changing beauty, catching the perfect light, patiently waiting for the best (or worst) weather. Nothing is added or hidden in post-production, the landscapes are shot just the way they are at that very moment. All the efforts, the endless hours spent waiting for a single shot, are giving their fruits: my works are appreciated by many qualified people across the country. Please enjoy this view of the world through my lens.

Susan Cramer Stein is an internationally-known, award winning photographer and native of Ohio. She specializes in fine art prints, primarily landscapes, wildlife and human interest. Her work can be seen and purchased at Gallery 25 in the historic Union Station district in Ogden, Utah where she is a Member/Owner and also the SeaWorthy Gallery located on Hatteras Island in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. Private showings of her work are available upon request. Her photographs can be found in private collections across the country. Portraiture available by appointment only. She now resides in Utah, with her husband, Scott, and their Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Miles, and three parrots.

Follow her on Facebook at Susan Cramer Stein Photography.

Keith Dagley

Keith A. Dagley received a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Utah State University and taught art for 33 years in Weber County, Ogden, Utah. He currently produces art work full time. Most recently, Keith was featured at the Celebration of Fine Arts in Scottsdale, Arizona from January through March 2011.

A versatile artist working primarily in oil, Keith uses both brush and knife techniques. He also works in pastel, graphite and prisma pencil, and is often inspired by his own experiences. A love of family, horses and ranch life, wildlife, Native Americans and their culture, both past and present, provides a wide range in the body of his work.

"Recording life, whether wild, domestic, present or historical, through my artwork fulfills a great need that I have. Capturing the personality of each animal, person, or event and sharing these experiences is the principle behind my painting," says Keith Dagley.

Carol Fielding

I was taught to love art at my father’s knee. I don’t remember a time in my life that I wasn’t moved by color and all of God’s creations. An artist has a need to capture a fleeting moment or mood and recreate it so that hopefully others can see what you saw and love it.

I was born in Rock Springs, Wyoming, where my father, Darwin E. Meacham, was Director of the Rock Springs Art Center. I was encouraged to come to the gallery and draw. Dad taught me a lot about the old masters and helped me appreciate art in all forms. I knew I was an artist, but most of my life my need for personal expression was directed toward music and poetry. Dad was the painter and I guess I just didn’t want to tread on his hallowed ground. After my father’s death in 1989, I turned to painting.

I studied oil painting under George Allen and watercolors under Terry Combe Johnson at the Salt lake Community College. I have taken classes in pastels from Marge Call and Kay Affleck. I have exhibited in many art shows and received many accolades from highly respected artist. I am a member of the Palette Club of Ogden.

I love to paint in all media and find beauty in everything I see, resulting in very diverse art. I have been a business woman, civic leader, volunteer and mother of five wonderful children.

Carol is proud to be a charter member of Gallery 25 in Ogden, Utah.

 Pam Hains

Pam Hains joined Gallery 25 in March 2012, with a lifetime of art experience and education. Mainly a watercolorist, Pam uses many subjects; people, landscapes, buildings, birds, animals, and just about anything that is beautiful, uplifting, inspirational, or joyful. One of Pam’s newer giclee prints at the Gallery is one of the ‘Ogden Temples, Past and Future’, a combination of the two separate temples merged together.

 Pam gives much credit to the help, encouragement, and support of her great husband, Mark and her wonderful children. Pam enjoys the people in the Gallery, and working with them.


Darlene Stevenson Hamblin

 I was born in Duchesne, Utah and have lived in Ogden most of my life. Our home is near the river and Ogden Canyon, with surroundings that have inspired many of my paintings. I have loved doing creative and art related activities since I was a small child. Some of my fondest memories are of having such a strong desire to draw, that I would draw on all the blank pages in my mom’s encyclopedia. As my six children were growing up, I would many times take a few minutes and do some sketching. Later when they were all in school I started doing more serious art work.

I studied at Weber State and Utah State Universities and a home study course “Famous Artists”. I love all forms of art and most subjects. I taught oil painting classes for eighteen years and have recently discovered the many versatile qualities of acrylics both on canvas and with collages.

Mac Stevenson

Mac Stevenson is a Utah artist who resides in North Ogden with his wife Ann. They have six grown children. Mac graduated from Ben Lomond High School in Ogden, Utah, where he received an Art Scholarship to attend Weber State University, earning his Bachelors Degree in Art Education in 1968.

After teaching art for one year, he attended BYU where he was awarded his Masters of Fine arts Degree in painting, drawing and sculpturing. He then began his teaching career in the Ogden City School District, teaching at Mount Ogden Junior High, Ogden High and then 26 years at Ben Lomond High School. At Ben Lomond, Mac was chosen by Utah State University as the Utah High School Art Teacher of the Year in 1994. During his last 12 years at Ben Lomond High, Mac instructed the Advanced Placement Art. During those years, Ben Lomond’s APA scores had the highest pass ratio in the school district at 86 percent.

After seven years in university and 29 years teaching art, Mac now directs his energy toward teaching himself. As a practicing artist, his works range from traditional to abstract. He works in watercolor, oil, gouache, pastel and mixed media. He finds pleasure in being able to enter his studio and know that he has the freedom to create without having thirty plus students looking over his shoulder. At the same time, he draws energy from the memory of his former students.

Mac has won many local and state awards with his watercolors, oils and sculptures. He has had one-man shows at BYU, WSU, Salt lake Community College, Eccles Community Art Center in Ogden Utah, Myra Powell Art Gallery in Ogden Utah, Layton Utah Heritage Museum, Bountiful-Davis Art Center, and Gallery At the Station in Ogden Utah. He is a charter member of Gallery 25 in Ogden and a member of the Palette Club of Ogden. Mac is now having the time of his life as a practicing artist! 

Kristina Wilson

Kris Wilson finds freedom from life’s distractions as she paints in her Huntsville art studio.  Surrounded by the solitude of our mountain valley and filled with vast amounts of reference material, her studio provides a comfortable place where her creative spirit tends to run wild. When asked to describe her art, Kris uses phrases such as:  “It’s what is inside of me; what I’m thinking and sensing, my art is an extension of my existence, it’s who I am at the moment.”  Kris’ art visually connects and communicates with viewers through her intimate invitation to visually respond to life, as seen in God’s creation.  Through the use of brushes, paint and canvas Kris connects with the viewer without the limitation of words.


Doug Wride

Doug Wride is a Northern Utah watercolorist residing in Pleasant View with his wife and three children. Doug was born in Hailey, Idaho and has spent most of his life living in the Rocky Mountains. Doug has a great love of the outdoors. He spent much of his time as a child exploring the back roads of the mountains with his family.

Doug discovered watercolor when he was a junior in high school, taking an art class thinking it would be an easy credit. He has loved it ever since. Upon graduating from Weber High school in 1979 Doug attended BYU on an art scholarship. He graduated in 1985 with a BS in finance. He then pursued a career as a stockbroker for 18 years.

Doug has now returned to his first love of watercolor. He truly enjoys expressing his feelings about the beauty of God’s creations and rural America. His work can be found in the collections of many people.

Doug has studied under nationally and internationally known artist such as Joe Christensen, Robert Marshall, Carl Purcell, Linda Kemp, Brenda Swenson, and Shanna Kunz.

Gary Pedersen

Gary received his Master of Fine Arts Degree from Utah State University in 1990.  His emphasis was photography. He also studied printmaking, drawing and ceramics.  After his degree Gary taught for Utah State University as an adjunct professor while working as the photographer in the Electron Microscope Lab at USU.  In 1997 he moved to Vernal, Utah, where he taught full time for more than ten years.

 Gary’s work has been in shows around the country. A collection of fifty photographs of the Bear River was purchased by Special Collections at the Merrill Library, Utah State University,.

 Gary’s photographs are about his interests in natural occurrences in nature.  He has photographed the north shore of the Great Salt Lake for over twenty years and continues to photograph along the waterway of the Bear River.  

 He has used 8X10, 5X7 and 4X5 cameras for most of his career, but, has moved into digital photography in the last few years.  He still works with film and uses a process invented in the 19th century known as Carbon Printing.

  Gary feels that artists have at least two goals when they work; the first is didactic, that is, they want the audience to contemplate the content of their work.  The second is about stimulating the viewer to see. Art is not accidental, it’s intentional. It’s about an idea. The viewer benefits when they can connect with that idea.

 Gary lives with his wife Lorna in Ogden, Utah.  She is a Quilter, Bookkeeper, Photographer and Real Estate Agent, in that order.

 Kwani Winder

Kwani Winder is an emerging artist currently located in the Ogden, UT area. She is a colorist with a loose impressionistic style.  Her subject matters include landscapes, figures, and still life.  

The Native American paintings represent her Santa Clara Indian heritage. Kwani's strong ties to creation and nature stem from her lineage.  
I find my inspiration as an artist from the beauty of Mother Earth. Through my eyes a bush that someone else would call brown becomes a beautiful array of purples, reds, greens and all other manner of colors.  I am constantly searching, studying and identifying how light and form create beauty.  My purpose in painting is to capture on canvas what I see so that others can see the world through my eyes.  The goal of my creative process is to reveal the beauty in a brown bush.

Everyday I seek to learn from everything around me.  I believe very strongly that one can learn something from anyone, no matter their ability.  It is the pursuit of a lifetime to become able minded enough to be able to hear what someone is saying and understand what you need to hear.  Only once you do this will you truly start to master yourself.  I believe in finding your soul mate, if art is what speaks to you, then you should do it.  Love will find a way, and if you deny your heart then you will never be truly happy.

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